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Global Tech Awards 2023 - Excellence in Technology - PropTech and FinTech winner  8th December 2023

Global Tech Awards 2023 - Excellence in Technology - PropTech and FinTech winner

We are excited to be announced as the winners of the Global Tech Awards in both the Proptech and Fintech categories. It’s such an honour to be part of the global tech community and to be recognised as an innovative solution that enables more homeowners through our data-driven approach.

Actuaries Institute profiles FrontYa  27th February 2023

Actuaries Institute profiles FrontYa

Actuaries Institute profiles FrontYa co-founder Robbie Baskin as a case study on the actuarial profession contributing to innovative ideas.

FrontYa and PropTrack partner to leverage latest property data and insights across Australia to enhance AI-driven investment  20th December 2022

FrontYa signs data licencing agreement with REA's PropTrack

Under a new agreement between FrontYa and PropTrack (part of the REA Group), FrontYa will enhance its AI-driven investment underwriting platform by using over 10 million granular data points that the agreement provides.

FrontYa uses advanced AI to pre-qualify customers as well as assess homes our customers are looking to own. FrontYa’s AI platform delivers a significant edge on a random investment selection, which is great news for our customers and importantly, enables FrontYa to navigate market shifts and mitigate risk in a flat or declining market.

Year in Review: The return of shared equity mortgages  13th December 2022

BankingDay article about shared equity schemes in Australia

"Shared equity mortgages, as a solution to Australia’s housing affordability problem, have been talked about for years...this year things changed, with several financial institutions partnering with investment managers and fintechs to launch shared equity products."

Could the Sydney Property Market Stabilise by January 2023?  29th October 2022 Article about FrontYa Analysis of Sydney Property Market

Robbie Baskin, co-founder and Chief Risk Officer, presents his analysis of the impact of interest rate rises and falling property prices in Sydney, in this report from

He shows, using data as well as his own methodology, why he thinks the Sydney property market could stabilise by January 2023.

Buyers who go the shared equity route can get up to 138% higher financial returns ...  28th October 2022

Your Mortgage Article on Curtin University Report

Your Mortgage reports on Curtin University research that shows how customers using FrontYa could end up with 138% higher returns than purchasing without FrontYa or with alternative schemes.

FrontYa's got your back on ausbiz TV  6th September 2022

PropTech News image with FrontYa customers

Robbie Baskin, co-founder and Chief Risk Officer, reveals how the FrontYa model works and how, by doubling their deposit, it helps homebuyers overcome one of their biggest challenges. Does it really work? How does FrontYa distinguish which properties will increase in value in the future? Robbie, leaning on his background as a data scientist, describes how FrontYa's data-driven approach and proprietary AI is used to identify the right properties, whilst offering consumers a seamless customer experience in the process.

FinTECH Awards Finalist 2022 for Best Social Mission  25th August 2022

FrontYa is a 2022 finalist for the Fintech Awards, category is Best Social Mission

FrontYa was a finalist in the annual FinTECH Awards for 2022, for the category 'Best Social Mission'. The category recognises fintech companies that place Social Purpose at the centre of their vision. FrontYa's vision of 'Helping Australians become homeowners, sooner', and being able to achieve that in a smarter and more secure way, was the cornerstone of our nomination.

PropTech News: World-first non-debt residential property deposit booster deployed in Australia  24th August 2022

PropTech News image with FrontYa customers

“The new model delivers uniquely strong alignment between lenders, brokers, homeowners and FrontYa, which makes money only when a customer’s property increases in value.”

Mark Bouris & FrontYa’s Founders  15th August 2022

Mark Bouris & FrontYa's Founders

What if you were ready to buy your dream home, but only had half the deposit required to make the purchase without any worries? You might decide to either pass up on that property or try to find a way to increase your deposit ... somehow.

Fear and Greed podcast: A new way to get into the property market  12th July 2022

Fear and Greed podcast: A new way to get into the property market

One of Australia's leading business podcasts, Fear and Greed, interviewed Robbie Baskin, our co-founder and Chief Risk Officer, about FrontYa's business model and the data which supports our decision making.

Today Show on Channel 9  15th June 2022

Today Show on Channel 9 with Effie Zahos

Effie Zahos, Editor-at-Large at Canstar and personal finance commentator, explains the Shared Equity landscape in Australia, recommending FrontYa for a number of interesting reasons. Help to Buy ... or ... Go It Alone?  31st May 2022

REA image to correspond with article about help to buy or go it alone

“Sydney based start-up FrontYa, which boosts the purchasing power of homebuyers by lending upfront costs in return for a cut of any capital growth in the property, modelled two different scenarios to put Help To Buy to the test ...” Don't have a 20pc deposit for your first home? Here are the alternatives  4th March 2022 don't have 20pc deposit

FrontYa was featured on as one of the solutions for boosting home deposit savings.

Bulletproof Investing: The Great Deposit Challenge  1st March 2022

Bulletproof Investing: The Great Deposit Challenge

The median house price in Australia today is now $900,000. Depending on the deposit required, when you factor in stamp duty and other costs, you're going to have to save somewhere between $135,000 and $240,000 just to buy at the middle of the market. FrontYa launches BNPL for property purchases  23rd February 2022 FrontYa launches BNPL for property purchases

Property technology start-up FrontYa aims to increase the purchasing power of Australians to overcome property market hurdles.

The Australian Financial Review: FrontYa launches new property ownership model  22nd February 2022

The Australian Financial Review: FrontYa launches new property ownership model

Making a splash for our launch in the AFR, FrontYa announces its shared equity scheme where we double our customer's deposits to access the property market, in a record-breaking Angel funding round.